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Northern Illinois near the Wisconsin border, although a peaceful environment, can be a bit claustrophobic. Especially since the lazy quiet of watching wrens nest followed a fast track existence of sushi bars, hotel rooms, breakfast meetings, and deliverable deadlines.

I turned on my lounge-lizard piano solos and contemplated a character staring at a Ferris wheel, another character running through a cemetery during a thunderstorm, and yet another haunted by the sound of a clock chime.

Hours of research, notes, and writing slipped by and suddenly Yesterday was born. The novel was a nine-month effort that I’ve enjoyed immensely.

I now live in Chicago, walking distance to Oak Street Beach and Lincoln Park.  I’m again contemplating characters, working on my second novel, What Goes Around.

From my living room window, the sparkling lights of Chicago are a wondrous inspiration. I’m sipping a glass of Merlot, looking at a light in the distance, and wondering …

I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy.

– Samyann