Alex Fletcher Boxset (The Perseid Collapse #1-5)Alex Fletcher Boxset by Steven Konkoly
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Audible audio.

An apocalyptic tale of the combinations of a meteor blasting into the ocean off New England, the resulting tsunami, an EMP that disrupts the entire country, and the aggressive behavior of China and their missiles. Throw into the mix a bunch of preppers, local militants, jack-booted thugs, and state militias. All this takes place over what appears to be only a year. So, stretch your imagination a bit to believe ALL of this would happen in so short a timeframe … but hey, it’s a Sci-Fi, so …..

The hero, Alex, is a former special-ops bad-ass. He and his family and circle of friends traverse the pages of the story, getting in and out of scrapes and battling the evils among them. The biggest criticism is that I’d rather Alex was more of a reluctant hero – he seems to enjoy the prepper world. In 50 hours of listening, practically no empathic views of what would be enormous suffering and loss by millions and millions of people. Significant descriptions of military hardware, guns, and miscellaneous big-boy toys, though – shooting fellow Americans turned into starving refugees. Many every-man-for-himself situations.

No explicit language was inappropriate to the scenes, no sex, nothing objectionable. Narration a bit slow for my taste, so bumped it up to 1.4 on the Audible app. Long listen, close to 50 hours.

Okay for the prepper in you. A bit campy.


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