Mission One (Titan Chronicles #1)Mission One by Samuel Best
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Plot. Throughout the three-book series, we’re dealing with an alien entity whose objectives aren’t obvious, at least to this writer. There is a slew of techno-babble that will either delight or frustrate the space fans among us – mostly frustrate. It’s not simply a space opera – but also includes sabotage and corporate espionage – and a bit of romance. But … it’s never clear exactly what the aliens want besides a moon of Jupiter, Titan, or the planet Venus. Do the aliens want to be friends? You’ll never know – at least, I couldn’t tell. Throw in the annihilation of mankind because of comets/meteors. Wait…what? Aliens AND meteors?

Liked. No sex, no offensive language, clean reads. Narration is fine; no trouble discerning who is speaking to whom. Bumped the speed to 1.5.

Not so hot. Holes in the story – lots – unnecessary subplots and characters. Needs a story editor.

Written by Samuel Best and narrated by Jonathan Davis. Each story is in the area of 10 hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, released from March 2022 through August 2022 by Podium Audio.

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