Without a Trace (Rock Harbor, #1)Without a Trace by Colleen Coble
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Made the HUGE mistake of popping all 7 novels into my basket because of the Audible sale. Now I can’t get a refund, except for the last two books purchased with credits – seems I’m on the hook for the rest of the series – I will not be reading any of them.

The first book is young-adult-bible thumping-Sunday school-religious in virtually every other paragraph.

Why did I jump in? Because it is a K-9 search and rescue. The author doesn’t seem to know much about K-9 rescue. Dogs don’t whimper and have tails between their legs when they find a dead body – it’s what they are trained to do and rewarded for doing!

If you want to get absorbed in a good K-9 rescue series, read the Timber Creek K-9 Mystery Series by Margaret Mizushima.

The Rock Harbor Series, at least book one, is nauseating to the extreme – for more than one reason.

NOT recommended.


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