The Spitfire GirlsThe Spitfire Girls by Soraya M. Lane
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Audible audiobook. As indicated in “Author Notes” at the end of The Spitfire Girls, this is a fictional story – however, it is based on fact. The story is a bit bogged down with the love lives of several characters – but the overall message is clear. These women were critical to winning WWII.

British and American women stepped forward during WWII to ferry airplanes to any areas where they were needed. The title is a bit misleading because it wasn’t just Spitfire airplanes – but ANY military aircraft – including 4-engine bombers that would typically have a crew of six men – a woman would fly the plane ALONE across Europe, under fire – with no radar and no radio permitted. The United States did not recognize these heroic women until 2009 when a few WASP survivors (Women Airforce Service Pilots) were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.

If that doesn’t make you angry as hell about the way women flyers of WWII were treated – turn on the news and learn how women are being treated today all over the world, including America – forced burkas, refusing education, denying reproductive rights. Women are still second-class citizens.

Written by Soraya M. Lane, narrated by Sarah Zimmerman, just over 9 hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, and released in February 2019 by Brilliance Audio.

Educational and recommended.


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