The Luna Missile CrisisThe Luna Missile Crisis by Rhett C. Bruno
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Plot. The Luna Missile Crisis begins as Yuri Gagarin dies in collision with an alien ship. JFK is still alive; his vice president is Richard Nixon. Russia assumes American sabotage, and so Khrushchev launches nukes. Neil Armstrong pilots a shuttle taking dignitaries to the home base of the aliens on the moon. Peace talks take place and are also sabotaged….by who and why? Saving the world falls to a boy-scout type government agent, his delinquent twin brother, and a gentle-giant alien.

Tons of alternate history. JFK wasn’t assassinated the way we always thought! But, Richard Nixon is his VP? That’s a brain twist! No sex, no objectionable language, clean read. The narration by Porter is terrific, with some very recognizable voices. Production is fine. SciFi to the core, so be prepared to stretch the imagination.

The Luna Missile Crisis is written by Rhett C. Bruno and Jaime Castle, narrated by Ray Porter, fifteen hours of listening, a self-published gem released in February 2020 by Audible Originals.


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