The Red Address BookThe Red Address Book by Sofia Lundberg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Plot. The gift of an address book to ten-year-old Doris in 1930s Sweden is the basis of this story. Now 96 and dying, Doris writes her story, using the address book as a guide through a life of family, friends, career, WWII, and lost love. The beneficiary of the writing is her grand niece, her only surviving relationship.

A rape, although the act is not dwelled upon, is part of the story. Doris had a tragic life, other than her relationship with her niece. A bit predictable at times.

Narration by Xe Sands is terrific. No objectionable language, nothing gratuitous. Not until writing this review did I learn the story is a translation from Swedish. Very well done; you won’t be able to tell. The Red Address Book is written by Sofia Lundberg, Alice Menzies – translator, narrated by: Xe Sands in unabridged audiobook format, 8.5 hours of listening, and released in January 2019 by Audible Studios.


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