Night of the Living Deed (A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery #1)Night of the Living Deed by E.J. Copperman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Plot. Alison Kirby, a 30-something divorced mother of a nine-year-old girl, purchases a large seaside fixer-upper house to create a vacation inn. During rehab of the property, Alison is hit on the head with a bucket of wallboard compound. She comes to with an amazing new ability. She can see ghosts. Two live in her home, a distinguished private investigator, Paul, and a saucy and misbehaving home decorator, Maxie. Alison makes a deal with her ghosts – she will help Paul with his private investigations if he and Maxie help her put on ghostly shows to keep a steady flow of guests for her inn. The novels traverse the lives of Alison, her daughter, mother, ghosts, and assorted quirky friends, like the local police chief and newspaper owner. Murders are solved, missing persons are found, and occasional mayhem ensues. The series, at this time, consists of 8 full-length novels and two shorts. More to come, no doubt!

Liked. Delightful listening. Sarcastic and funny lead character, excellent character development, a creative plot line for each book, no sex, no objectionable language.

Not so hot. A bit slow for my taste – not criticism, rather a preference.

Written by E.J. Copperman, narrated by Amanda Ronconi, Audible originals, first story released in 2013. Each novel is 8-10 hours of listening.

Recommended – nothing profound, simply fun reading.


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