Heartbreak Bay (Stillhouse Lake, #5)Heartbreak Bay by Rachel Caine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This review addresses the Stillhouse Series. Stillhouse Lake, Killman Creek, Wolfhunter River, Bitter Falls, and Heartbreak Bay at this writing. There will likely be more novels to the series – there is a Rachel Caine book in this series called “Infinity” – but, it doesn’t seem to be available on Audible, nor in my local public library. Anyway…

Plot. Gina Royal, driving up the street to her house with her two young kids in the car, comes upon the scene of a drunk driver who had slammed into the garage of her home. The body of a violently tortured woman is hanging by a noose in the garage. Her husband is arrested as a serial killer, she is arrested as his accomplice. She is completely ignorant of all of it, as surprised as the cops. The woman is acquitted and spends the rest of this series outrunning bloodthirsty, revengeful Internet trolls that constantly chase her and her kids through many locations, eventually changing her name to Gwen Proctor and settling at Stillhouse Lake. Good guys, bad guys, betrayals, thrills, fast reads.

No sex, no language issues. Some grizzly scenes. Start with Book One, Stillhouse Lake, to get the most of the series.

In Bitter Falls, Gwen is a Private Investigator with a group of trusted friends watching her back. In Heartbreak Bay, the internet trolls notch it up, threatening Gwen and everyone she loves.

Worth the read. Not classic literature, not intended to be – just fun mysteries.


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