Deep Night (Detective Harlan Ulrich Book 1)Deep Night by Ambrose Ibsen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book 1 in the Detective Harlan Ulrich Series. Plot. Nancy brings a landscape painting home from the pawnshop she owns and immediately begins to be harassed by a ghost – the woman who appears in the painting—tapping on Nancy’s window, standing in the shadows of her yard, entering the house! Police investigate and find nothing. Enter Detective Harlan Ulrich, a single, middle-aged cat owner, who lives alone, eats junk food and loves good coffee. Nancy hires Ulrich to help her solve the ghostly mystery.

Liked. No sex, no explicit language; gift it to grandma if she likes ghostly mysteries. Narration is fine, nothing exceptional, but very listenable. Ulrich is a good character development to begin a series.

Not so hot. Bumped the speed to 1.4 – not a complaint, more a preference. Deep Night is just over six hours of listening – a bit short for my taste.

Written by Ambrose Ibsen, narrated by Kyle Tait, in unabridged audiobook format, released in June 2019 by Ambrose Ibsen (self-published).

Considering the sea of self-published garbage out there, this one is one of the hidden gems.



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