Striking Range (Timber Creek K-9 Mystery, #7)Striking Range by Margaret Mizushima
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review addresses the entire series. At this writing, the series consists of Killing Trail, Stalking Ground, Hunting Hour, Burning Ridge, Tracking Game, Hanging Falls, and Striking Range. All books are 9-10 hours of listening in audiobook format. More sequels to come.

Plot. The Timber Creek K-9 Mystery Series are police procedurals in a small town. The lead characters are Mattie Cobb and her partner, Robo, a 100lb German Shephard Dog. The overall stories stand-alone – murder the basis for good guys, bad guys and Mattie’s small circle of devoted friends, mostly co-workers, and, of course, Robo. However, there is a sub-plot that traverses the entire series – Mattie’s personal life. This includes a disturbing childhood incident, her current, fragile psyche, and a mutual attraction between her and a recently divorced veterinarian, Cole Walker, and his two girls. Each story comes to a satisfactory conclusion – but, start with book one to get full advantage of a budding romance.

Not so hot. Mattie’s a little too fragile for the role, IMO – maybe that’s just me. But, I don’t think I’d be willing to put a gun in the hand of someone so …. personally breakable – not frail physically, but she always seems on the verge of tears – nightmares included.
Narration is okay, but problematic in places. The entire series is narrated by Nancy Wu – and at times she’s a bit too breathy and whispering. A bit slow, so pumped the iPhone audio up to 1.4. No other issues with audio production,

Liked. Robo, of course! A gorgeous, devoted dog, beautiful in disposition, brains, and strength. A perfect representation of this magnificent breed. Robo will take pleasure playing with kids or a ball, protect Mattie with his life, and quickly bring a grown man to tears of terror. Great dog. The stories are interesting and realistic tales of small-town policing.

The Timber Creek K-9 Mysteries are not great literature and they’re not intended to be; just curl up on the sofa and enjoy. Try not to glare at your own dumb dog. 🤪


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