The Apollo MurdersThe Apollo Murders by Chris Hadfield
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Plot. Apollo 18 is launched by Americans to intentionally disable Soviet equipment being used to spy on America, in addition to finding out what the Soviets have found on the moon. Murder and mystery abounds. The story mingles real with fictional people, like Nixon and his staff, the soviet premier, NASA personnel, several historical references…some true, some fictional.

The author doesn’t “change” history – but he does “invent” history. For example, Gene Krantz was actually the Apollo NASA Flight Director who famously said, “Failure is not an option.”, and he is the NASA Flight Director in this book – however, there never was an Apollo 18 mission and none of this happened – it’s fiction.

That all being the case, The Apollo Murders is a page-turning adventure. Space nerds, like me, will enjoy specifics of mid-1970s NASA/Soviet technology that will have others roll their eyes – but, it is a worthy read and may keep you up too late. Narration is okay, no issues with audiobook production -all is fine.

Written by Chris Hadfield (astronaut with EVA and shuttle pilot experience), narrated by Ray Porter, 15 hrs and 15 mins long in unabridged audiobook format, released in October 2021 by Mulholland Books,



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