Voyagers (Voyagers, #1)Voyagers by Ben Bova
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If you’re looking for a story of space, aliens, space travel, this is not your series. The review addresses Voyagers, Voyagers II, III, and The Return.

Plot. A spacecraft is approaching earth — no response to earth signals. A mission from earth determines that the craft is a sarcophagus – the sole passenger is a dead alien. A ship message tells us to study the alien and his ship and send him on his way to other worlds. A USA astronaut decides to stay on the alien ship, goes into stasis for 18 years, and returns to earth. He has changed – and so has the earth.

Liked: Stuck with it, well, because it IS a Bova series. Narration and production are fine. No sex, no objectionable language, clean reads.

Not so hot: This is NOT a typical SciFi, rather a platform for the author to voice concerns regarding world politics, religious zealots, climate change, nuclear war…the earth will perish if humans do not change. There have been other books and movies with the same basic theme – The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Man Who Fell to Earth, The Abyss, more. So, it’s been done before – and better, IMO.


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