Never Far AwayNever Far Away by Michael Koryta
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Plot. A happily married mother of two inadvertently contributes to the death of a family, an indirect witness to a murder. Her testimony results in the suicide åof the guilty party. His family/father is bent on the revenge of killing her. She fakes her own death, abandoning her husband and kids to protect them. Ten years pass Рand her husband dies accidentally. Much more would be spoilers.

Liked. A worthy read. No sex, nor explicit language – nothing offensive, some violence. Likely haven’t seen the last of Dax Blackwell – he reminds me of Dexter (Google the TV show) – a particularly bizarre character. Page turner.

Not so hot. Well, the overall plot. One would think that she would have figured a way to exact justice much sooner. Just me.

Never Far Away is written by Michael Koryta, narrated by Robert Petkoff, just under 12 hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, and released in February 2021 by Little, Brown & Company.



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