Timeless MomentsTimeless Moments by Michelle Kidd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Plot. In 2014, Jack moves into a Victorian home and, through letters exchanged in a window bench nook, begins to correspond with a young woman who also lived in the home – 100 years ago. Soon the story is time-travel within three eras: Early 20th century, mid-1960s, and 2014. The abuse and fear conveyed to him in the letters hurl Jack into the investigation of a cold case. According to his research, she will be declared a missing person in a mystery the police never solve. How can he warn her, protect her? Should he? Everything is a dead end until Jack gets an unannounced visit from …

Liked. Terrific time travel with lots of plot surprises and a satisfying conclusion.

Not so hot. Sometimes, who is speaking is not clear as male vs. female voices aren’t distinctive enough. Very preachy, so if you are offended by a religious tone … just a heads-up.

Written by Michelle Kidd, narrated by Megan Tusing, just over eleven hours listening in unabridged audiobook format, released in 2017 by Brilliance Audio.


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