The Twin Towers (Time Tunnel, #1)The Twin Towers by Richard Todd
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Plot. The novels begin with 9/11. Special Forces Major Kyle Mason, newly married, loses his wife – she was on the 105th floor as an employee of Cantor Fitzgerald. He spends the next 7 years in a spiral of deep depression and sadness. Kyle Mason is recruited back into the military to participate in a down-the-rabbit-hole effort to change the past – at Area 51.

How much would the world change if 9/11 had never happened? Does changing the past change the future? If you change the past, are you changing this future or creating a new future? Will you come back to a new future or …? What if the Battle of the Little Bighorn outcome was different and the Indians were not slaughtered, rather the cavalry? How would America be different? You’ll be thinking about these questions long after you finish reading the Time Tunnel books.

Time Tunnel: The Twin Towers was released in December 2019, and Time Tunnel: The Empire was released in January 2020, The novels are about the same length, 9 hours of listening. Based on the end of book 2, there are more books to come. Books published by Time Tunnel Media,



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