Thomas Prescott Series: Premium (Thomas Prescott Books 1 - 4)Thomas Prescott Series: Premium by Nick Pirog
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This review covers 5 full-length novels – Unforeseen, Gray Matter, Afrikaans, Show Me, and Jungle Up.

Plot. Thomas Prescott has a storied past – once fired from a police force for punching out a fellow officer, drafted into a homicide detective role, and now retired. Sarcastic, caustic, and funny, trouble seems to find him, as each of the five stories involves him involuntarily knee-deep in an investigation: murders, greed, corruption, theft, piracy, and more. You don’t need to read all to enjoy any of the books, but … you’ll miss some threads without starting at the beginning with Unforeseen. You’ll enjoy the dog; he’s in most books – he has narcolepsy – really. He’ll drop into a dead sleep while doing regular doggy things. Actually Googled this, and yeah – dogs do get narcolepsy! You’ll also enjoy the adorable baby sloth.

Liked. Fun stories, twists. No explicit sex or inappropriate language. Clean reads. A little violence, but since it’s bad guys getting comeuppance … shrug. Narration is fine.

Not so hot. Well, I know Thomas’ horn-dog nonsense was part of the character, but…cliché, juvenile, and over the top. You’ll roll your eyes, promise.

Written by Nick Pirog, narrated by Johnny Heller, a total of 44 hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, released from 2019 – 2021 by Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Comfy mysteries with a few hair-raising events – recommended.


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