They Went LeftThey Went Left by Monica Hesse
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They Went Left is a story of the Holocaust, the title a reference to the sorting of Jews, left to extermination.

Plot. Unlike most stories of the Holocaust, this story begins after WWII, 1945. Zofia Lederman, a concentration camp survivor barely alive, is hospitalized. Upon release, her mind broken, her body fragile, and her thoughts a mix of reality, hope, and horrifying images, Zofia begins searching for her 9-yr-old little brother – separated from her on arrival at Auschwitz. The story and characters are fictional. The Holocaust is history; They Went Left is based on fact. Many of the events are witness accounts.

You will learn things you didn’t know. Although it’s not a big part of this story, the hate of Jews AFTER the war continued, they were not welcomed back to their own homes or neighborhoods – one of the main reasons for migration to Palestine, Israel – anywhere else.

Written by Monica Hesse, narrated by Caitlin Davies, just under ten hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, released in April 2020 by Little, Brown Young Reader.

Never forget. Recommended.


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