The Ultimatum (The Guardian, #1)The Ultimatum by Karen Robards
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m stingy with 5-star reviews. It’s just a thing, Yeah, I believe there are some, but not many, especially in modern prose. But … nevertheless, IMO The Guardian series is just great and deserves the praise. To get the most of the series, you must read in order. The Ultimatum followed with The Moscow Deception, and finally The Fifth Doctrine. More stories to follow? They could. Each story is in the area of ten hours of listening in the unabridged audiobook, thirty hours of entertainment.

Plot. A beautiful woman, Bianca, is the genetically altered product of a CIA covert experiment to create the super=soldier. Athletic, strong, brilliant, drop=dead gorgeous, and a touch devious when necessary, like to save her own life. It seems morality squeaked into the CIA and they decided the operation should be scrubbed, it was unethical, wrong. So…they decide to kill everyone associated with the program. Bianca disagrees. This is the thrust of The Guardian.

Liked. The inescapable situations that doom Bianca with regularity simply need a plan, and she always comes up with a plan. Some incredibly creative writing and imagination by Karen Robards – kudos! Narration by Julia Whelan is terrific, even male voices are extraordinarily good.

Not so hot. A bit slow in tempo for my taste. Pumped the iPhone app up to 1.3, but you may find it peachy. Not enough of an issue to lower the rating, at all.

Released from June 2017 to March 2019 by Brilliance Audio



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