Prelude to Ascension (The Assemblies of the Living Book 1)Prelude to Ascension by Brent Clay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Audible audiobook. Prelude to Ascension – The Assemblies of the Living, is book one of a series. This book is a self-published gem the author will struggle with getting read, I sympathize because I too have a self-published novel. PLEASE don’t dismiss a book out of hand because it is self-published, some are more than decent reads, as is Prelude to Ascension.

Plot. A very believable story of first contact. A scientist is recruited to extend his research into gravity. He accidentally opens a communications portal that tells the world that ‘we are not alone’ and haven’t been for as long as there has been a cosmos. Apparently, the alien contacts have been waiting for mankind to mature to a point that they would fit into a galaxy of billions of worlds. We broke into this communication ability sooner than they thought we would … or could.

The biggest problem I have with this story is that it was originally published in mid-2018, and it leaves the reader hanging!!! Where’s book two?

A worthy story, well worth a read. Recommended!


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