Past Obsession: A Time Travel ThrillerPast Obsession: A Time Travel Thriller by Richard Taylor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Plot. In modern-day LA, a journalist is tasked with writing a feature article on a 1942 artist. Her paintings, some self-portraits, have become priceless. Reminiscent of Matheson’s Somewhere In Time, the journalist falls in love with her image. Except this story has a bit more adrenaline – she was brutally murdered and his return to 1942 is to save her life.

LIked. Taylor captures the aura, environment, dress, moralities of 1942. Interesting that people were extraordinarily nice to each other back then, even strangers, for no particular reason – just being decent by nature. Listening, couldn’t help make me wonder what in hell has happened to our country….but I digress. Narration is great, no issues.

Not so hot. Slow, bumping up to 1.5 is considerable. But, it didn’t take away from the tale. A man falling in love with the image of a woman in a painting…really? That’s been done before, and quite well – so creativity lacking. At least he added her image to an old video, too.

Written by Richard Keith Taylor, narrated by Paul Heitsch, just under 12 hours of listening in unabridged format, released in August 2017 by Ransom Green Press.

Recommended time travel romance.


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