News of the WorldNews of the World by Paulette Jiles
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A lovely story of a little girl in the late 1800s captured at age 6 by a native American Indian tribe. Her parents are killed. Eventually, she’s rescued and an elderly man who is a traveling newsreader promises to return her to her aunt and uncle in south Texas.

Now 10 years old, she’s been completely transformed into an Indian, doesn’t speak English, nor wear shoes, eats with her hands, won’t wear normal clothing. But, over the months-long journey, the girl and the old man bond.

Wonderful narration by Grover Garland. A bit short for my taste at just over 6 hours of listening, released in 2020 by Harper Audio.

Purchased this story for one reason: The upcoming Tom Hanks movie. Since I’ve not seen the movie, have no comment on the novel-to-screenplay success. But, the book is good.

No sex, no objectionable language, nothing terribly violent, but some self-preservation gun battles. Originally written in 2016 and award-winning.



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