A Ripple In Time: A Historical Novel Of SurvivalA Ripple In Time: A Historical Novel Of Survival by Victor Zugg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Audible Audiobook.

Plot. A Ripple in Time starts with a fairly routine passenger plane flight from Miami to Charlotte. Soon, the airplane enters a dark, lightning-filled storm. Upon entering smooth air again, the landscape has completely changed. No cities, no airports, a dead radio. The plane crash-lands in the Atlantic off the coast of Myrtle Beach and only about 30 passengers survive.

The main protagonist is Federal Air Marshal Stephen Mason. He and the survivors are in the early 1700s. Selfish and opportunistic passengers, friendly natives, evil pirates, and decent people aware of the future traverse the pages and carry the reader through the trials and desperate efforts to adapt to this new life … or get home.

Written by Victor Zugg, nicely narrated by Sean Doyle, all voices male and female are well done, no problem discerning who’s talking to who. Bumped the speed up to 1.3, but no real issues with production.

A Ripple in Time series consists of three novels, each in the area of 7 hours of listening. First novel was released in December 2019, The Planters, book 2 in May 2020, and finally The Punishers, book 3 in December 2020 – all by Tantor Audio which, I believe, is owned by Recorded Books.

Early American history and SciFi buffs should enjoy. Recommended.


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