Tier One (Tier One #1)Tier One by Brian Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Plot. A beyond-covert group of the best of Navy Seals provides a line of defense against global terrorists and Russia. Several scenarios with a common goal. A specific plot traverses all six novels – suggest that you begin at the beginning as several characters traverse the entire series. Don’t expect a conclusion with the final story, as the message is that protecting the United States from our adversaries is never-ending. However, these stories do have satisfying resolutions.

Written by Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson, the Tier One Series consists of six full-length novels ranging from 11 to 13 hours of listening. In order: Tier One, War Shadows, Crusader One, American Operator, Red Spector, and Collateral. Squeaky clean from the standpoint of language, sex – however very, very violent and militaristic – lots of brains explode, and blood spatters. Gun nuts will love the weapon and gear descriptions. It had me wondering, “Do we really have some of this stuff?”

All adventures are nicely narrated by Ray Porter; voicing range is super – male, female, old, young – just great.

Recommended for the double-tap-gun-lovers.


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