Winter World (The Long Winter, #1)Winter World by A.G. Riddle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This review encompasses three novels, Winter World, The Solar War, and The Lost Colony. Read the novels in sequence to get the most of this SciFi Series.

Plot. A mysterious entity, referred to as The Grid, is turning Earth into a frozen, uninhabitable wasteland. The Grid is harvesting the energy of our sun. James, a beyond brilliant roboticist, is recruited by NASA to lead a group of scientists and engineers to a begin new life near a red dwarf star, light-years from Earth, a population waits in stasis for centuries. En route, stop one is the rescue of the lone survivor of the ISS, Emma, This is their story. Blizzards, sand storms, good and bad guys, good and bad robots, all traverse the pages of the three novels – even stampedes of dinosaurs.

It seems there is some griping in reviews about science issues. IMO, there are no rules in a science fiction story; that’s why it’s called “fiction”. It’s simply a fun, creative page-turner. No foul language, no sex, nothing objectionable – give the series to anyone as a gift.

All books are written by A. G. Riddle, narrated by Edoardo Ballerini and Amanda Leigh Cobb. No issues with narration, smooth transitions from male to female reader. Production is fine, bumped the speed up to 1.2. The books vary in length, from 9 – 12 hours of listening, released in 2019-20 by Recorded Books.


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