The GuardianThe Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Audible Audiobook.

Plot. Julie is recently widowed. She lives in a small town with her Great Dane and works as a beautician. Her best friend, Mike, is the brother of her late husband. Early in the story, Julie is swept off her feet by the charming and handsome Richard. One of these two guys is a deadly stalker – you’ll soon find out which one – and will turn pages quickly through the resulting nightmare.

A story of bad guys, good guys, a particularly stupid cop, an extraordinarily smart cop, and the devoted instincts of a very protective dog: The Guardian.

Typical of this author, you’ll need a box of tissue. No issues with narration. No sex, no objectionable language, clean read.

The Guardian was written by Nicholas Sparks, narrated by Isabel Keating, just over twelve hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, released in June 2017 by Hachette Audio.


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