RageRage by Bob Woodward
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If you read ONE book about this administration, read the one with 25% of the content in Trump’s voice, his own words. Not a second-hand interpretation, no filters, but the “real” Donald Trump.

Rage is fundamentally a Q & A discussion with Bob Woodward – a talented author who has documented the administrations of 20% of America’s presidents. There is commentary in the book relating to others in the Trump circle, Woodward notes – primarily details of taped conversations. The author goes to some length conveying authenticity, but there are a few elements of his observations and opinion.

Woodward is not a lightweight, and nothing in this book can be disputed. If so, where are the libel suits? Crickets chirp.

There are many books documenting the first term of Donald Trump as President of the United States, including Woodward’s “Fear”, Cohen’s “Disloyal”. Books by Mary Trump, John Bolton, Brian Stelter, more, and I’ve read these and more. Full disclosure: I will not and have not read anything by Sinclair talk radio hosts nor Fox News entertainment anchors. (FYI, Hannity is a dropout – Maddow has a Ph.D. in Political Science – any questions?)

That said, it is not likely a Trump devotee will read this book, and that is a tragedy. Rage reveals the real man, worts and all.

Narration by Robert Petkoff is fine, just over 13 hours of listening in audiobook format, released by Simon & Shuster on September 15, 2020.



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