Melody: A First Contact Techno-thrillerMelody: A First Contact Techno-thriller by David Hoffer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Plot. On the brain-warping side, Melody is true SciFi – suspend belief. A distant star has been heard to be emitting a haunting song that contains instructions. The first to hear the song is a little girl. Eventually, the sound is heard by others across the world. That plot sounds familiar … Carl Sagan’s Contact. But, that is pretty much where similarities end, The story tells us that there never has been, nor will be, a “first” contact and that we are all part of a timeless process. Interesting premise.

Liked. Once getting past comparison to Carl Sagan’s book, found the concept to be very creative. Maybe we are all from another world, who knows? No clicking knees, no blood dripping down walls, no sex, no objectionable language, nothing offensive.

No so hot? Ethereal LSD-type imagery, think Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 A Space Odyssey. Melody is a huge stretch – really “out there”. But, hey … It’s SciFi!!

Written by David Hoffer, narrated by T. J. Clark, just under ten hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, released in March 2021, publisher David Stangland. As of this writing, cannot find a Strangland anywhere on the Internet – so, self-publishing service?

Recommended for the SciFi fans among us!


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