Greyhound. Battaglia sui mariGreyhound. Battaglia sui mari by C.S. Forester
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The Good Shepherd is about eight hours of listening in unabridged format, written by C.S. Forester way back in 1955, ten years after the end of WWII. The story takes place in 1942. The Good Shepherd is fiction, although the circumstances are based on fact. The United States did escort thousands of men and supplies in convoys of ships to Europe. The convoys were protected by destroyers leading them across the North Atlantic through the Wolf Packs of German U-boats.

This is the story of one such journey and the captain of the lead destroyer, his strengths, weaknesses, faith, experience. The Good Shepherd takes place primarily on the bridge of the destroyer from the viewpoint of the captain. Decisions, constant fear, and vigilance, ship movements, stealth, strategy, are all riveting.

FYI, The Good Shepherd is the basis for the Tom Hanks movie, Greyhound. Hanks portrays Captain Krause, the main character – and the main motivation for reading. The book to movie script is very well done. It is rarely a toss-up as to which is better, book or movie – it is always the book. But, in this case, both are superb.

Nicely narrated by Edoardo Ballerini, no issues, and released by Podium Audio in May of 2020.


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