Grave Importance (Dr. Greta Helsing, #3)Grave Importance by Vivian Shaw
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Purchased this book because of the premise – Grave Importance really sounded fascinating. A human, i.e., not dead person, is a physician to the dead. They even have “health” spas!

Sadly, I became tired of re-winding because of a weak and wandering mind – can’t finish as Grave Importance doesn’t hold my attention. No sex, no objectionable language, no issues with narration. In six hours of listening, a plot wasn’t clearly defined…kept backing up.

You may find this peachy, but … if not for the fact that this was an Audible Daily Deal, would be requesting a refund.

Written by Vivian Shaw, narrated by Suzannah Hampton, about 12 hours of listening.


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