Extinction Series (The Complete Collection)Extinction Series by James D. Prescott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Audible Audiobook.

This review addresses three novels. Extinction Code, Extinction Countdown, Extinction Crisis. Read them in that order, or listen to the audiobook box set. Plot. A research crew investigates the crater near the Yucatan peninsula that extinguished 75% of all life on earth. Surprise find? It isn’t a meteor beneath the sea, but a space ship. We’re off on a journey across the world in a race to prevent another apocalypse when we learn of another ship beneath the ice of Greenland, and yet another – earth-bound now!

Liked. It’s a fascinating “what if” story, if only from the standpoint of what if we are not alone in the cosmos…thought provoking. Stretch your mind and enjoy some wild concepts. Very listenable, easy to follow, many likable characters, good guys, bad guys, and aliens!

Not so hot. Way over the head of anyone without an understanding of genetics – gets pretty deep into science that might make the nerds among us happy, but others will stare across the room and mutter, “Huh?”

Extinction Series is a good story, well worth a credit for SciFi fans. No sex, no objectionable language, no issues with narration or production.

Written by James D. Prescott, narrated by Gary Tiedemann, about 25 hours of listening, released in June 2019 – self-published.


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