Plot. In modern-day England, a recently widowed, elderly woman named Imogene receives a letter from an elderly German woman named Magna. The letter tells us that Magna would like to pay tribute to Imogene’s late husband. Thus is the short prologue of The Secret Letter. Flashback to the very beginning of WWII. The two girls, Imogene in England and Magna in Germany, do their duties in defense of allies, and their lives intersect in unpredictable ways as the story unfolds.

Although this is a WWII story, there are no scenes of the Nazi camps, only references to their existence. The Secret Letter primarily documents the fear of the German regime, it’s effects on the lives of Imogene and Magna, and the efforts of the allies.

No explicit sex scenes, although one instance scringe worthy. No language issues, no problems with production, nor narration. Written by Debbie Rix, narrated by Jacqueline King, just over twelve hours of listening, released in December 2019 by Audible Studios.

A bit predictable, not great literature, not intended to be – just an enjoyable read (listen).


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