The Pine Trilogy consists of three novels, Ghost Road Blues, Dead Man’s Song, and Bad Moon Rising. This review addresses all three. In unabridged audiobook format, these stories are each between 15-18 hours of listening, all released in the summer/fall of 2011 by Blackstone Audio, and are narrated by Tom Weiner.

Plot. The Pine Trilogy takes place in modern-day Pine Deep, a rural town with a local claim to fame of being haunted with zombies, werewolves, and sundry ghouls of the night. Folks travel far and wide to visit the town, the souvenir shops of bloody fangs, dead rats, scary masks, or take a ride on a haunted trail in a haywagon. Halloween is a huge draw. No secrets to give away, but … it is bereft of legends and the bad guys are real. The town fights back through a never-ending, bloody mess. If you’re into the macabre, drooling, blood drizzling down walls or your shirt front, shooting with abandon even at ghoulish children, cockroaches and slugs falling out of eyes or ….. well, enjoy.

Liked. The storyline is good. We’re dealing with creepy characters and good guys. To get the most from the series, start with the first book, Ghost Road Blues, as the characters and story traverse all three books. It’s a horror story, hide behind the sofa, leave the lights on terror. Book three is the best, the story and writing improve. The narration is fine, no issues. Nice research into the mythology of werewolves, vampires, et al.

Not so hot. There is grizzly and brutal abuse throughout. Children become ghouls/zombies and get blown to smithereens as do hundreds of people. Women are sexually brutalized and beaten. A teenaged boy is particularly victimized. Some characters you begin to like are turned into heinous vampires, etc.

Recommend for lovers of horror stories and the stomachs to handle some extraordinarily gruesome scenes.



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