Plot. Polar Vortex is a survival tale/mystery. A large passenger plane, en route to New York City from Hong Kong,  crashes in the area of the north pole with several hundred people aboard. The protagonist, Mitch, is traveling with his five-year-old daughter, Lilly. Survival of frostbite, frigid cold, freezing water, polar winds, a cracking ice floe holding the plane from sinking to the depths. Hungry polar bears, dwindling food supplies and more. That, alone, is gripping story-telling. However, there is also a mystery: Why did the plane go down? There are bullet holes, jettisoned fuel, an unidentified crew member, a Russian, Chinese maintenance men, a conspiracy theory nutjob, a hull full of explosive batteries, a bio-weapon. Choices galore!

Liked. You’ll never guess the outcome. The who-done-it aspect of Polar Vortex is well done. Some of the scenes are hair-raising. BTW, the name has little to do with the plot. It’s simply a weather/ocean phenomenon. Narration is great. No issues.

Not so hot. The story is longer than necessary, in my opinion, scattered with about two-three hours of filler not relevant to the ultimate story and I found my finger hovering over a ‘skip’ button. Could have used more editing.

Written by Matthew Mather, narrated by Tom Taylorson, just over ten hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, released in April 2019 by Blackstone Publishing.


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