This book is published as insider information. The author¬†tells us they work in the White House in an effort to keep the ship afloat, as it were. Anonymous warns of impending catastrophe if we don’t act … now. For us to “act”, the John Q. Public that we are, is ultimately limited to the voting booth, or running for office. Most of us do not have the power to impeach, convict, etc, at this moment. We’re told the long term salvation of our democracy calls on Americans to exercise their right – vote. Vote now, in a local, general, primary, ALL election opportunities that are presented to us MUST be taken seriously. We ignore the downward spiral of our country at our peril. The collapse of America will be OUR fault if we do nothing.

Frankly, I appreciate a “grown-up” in the room. However … this person has no right to keep silent. If he/she has any true patriotism, as one would believe by the words in this book, they would come forward. There is an impeachment trial going on at this writing. You, Anonymous, must do as you are telling us to do, be a patriot. Which, in my opinion, is testifying before the United States Senate.

Little in this book would be considered by most to be revealing. If you can envision Trump screaming at his staff, throwing papers across the Resolute desk, unable to focus or read, hanging up on diplomats, spending hours in the residence Tweeting, being obsessed with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, crowd-sizes, being hustled out of town to do a rally by his staff so they can rest … and the staff in fear of ¬†“He’s going to do something…..” completely unaware of what that might be or how it can be spun or controlled, you’ve pretty much got the gist. Should Anonymous testify, Trump’s mental stability, fitness for office, control of wars and nuclear buttons, would no longer be in question – he is mad.

Narration is fine, no issues. No sex or objectionable language.

A Warning is narrated by Robert Fass, about nine hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, released in November of 2019 by “Twelve”.


One Response to A Warning by Anonymous

  1. E.D. Martin says:

    I haven’t read this but I agree with you – stop being anonymous and actually publicly speak out.

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