This review addresses the entire series consisting of three novels. Deep in the Valley, Just Over the Mountain, and Down by the River.

The Grace Valley Trilogy is character-driven, a familial tale of small-town life. Grace Valley is a Mayberry R.F.D. town with the quirky characters of a sheriff, a dozen or so nosy neighborhood eccentrics who know everything about everybody, all with hearts of gold. The books are compilations of a few dozen isolated events that make up small-town life – a wealthy widow suspected of murdering her husband, a preacher addicted to gambling, an old widower who wants only to help those in need, a few men who abuse their wives and children, a town flood that endangers them all, the perils of the devastatingly poor, to name a few. Then there is our heroine, June Hudson – the town doctor who is loved by and loves them all – and finds love for herself.

No violence, no shoot ’em ups, none of that double tap grizzly stuff. These stories are ridiculously squeaky clean; give them as gifts, teens included. Far from great literature, and Robyn Carr has done better. But, they are listenable beach read stuff.

Starting with book one recommended else you’ll miss references and character development. Each book is approximately ten hours of listening, narrated by Therese Plummer. No issues with narration. Noted a few instances of “dead air”, but fundamentally okay productions.

If you’re looking for Lifetime Movie stories with predictable mysteries, here ya go!


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