Written and narrated by Stephen King, Elevation is a new twist for King. It’s on the eerie side, but not a hide-under-the-covers scary tale – just weird.

Plot: Scott, a friendly guy living alone with his cat in a smallish town, is a victim of a very bizarre ailment that even has his doctor stumped. He’s losing weight – nothing else, just losing weight. Problem is, his physical appearance, clothing sizes, et al., are remaining the same. The guy eats like a horse, runs, is physically fit! But, Scott’s bathroom scale shows him gradually dropping the pounds – getting lighter and lighter and lighter until…  A secondary plot involves Scott’s neighbors, a lesbian couple being shunned by the town.

Liked. Don’t pay any attention to reviews dissing this book. It’s a very cool story on a very unusual premise that popped from the mind of one of America’s best storytellers. Imaginative as can be! Pretend a Frank Capra movie was written by Edgar Allen Poe.

Narration is great. King doesn’t read many of his books, but I like those he does … like Bag of Bonesin my opinion, one of his best.

Elevation is a short story just over 3.5 hours of listening, released in October of 2018 by Simon & Schuster Audio. There is a bonus, Laurie. It’s another, much shorter story … hint: Laurie is a dog.


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