Plot. A small river town floods. While boating through the deep, waterlogged streets, a young man spots a woman on the second story of the town hotel, sitting on a bed. He rescues her, and the story lifts from this scene to a familial tale spanning generations. As the reader learns, this woman isn’t just a stranded stranger, she has come from the swampy river itself, has unusual insight and powers, and … is not completely human. Marriages, births, deaths, abandonment, war, abuse, love, family battles, good people and the wicked traversing the pages. Nothing is page-turning, it’s a journey through the lives of one family through the early years of the 20th century and on. Don’t be misled into thinking Blackwater is a “horror” story, it’s not. Although, it is paranormal, eerie; it is not a hide-under-the-covers scary novel. Pretend you’re reading a collaboration between the painters Normal Rockwell and Hieronymous Bosch, and the author of … say, Prairie Home Companion and a guy with the wonderfully twisted mind of Stephen King.

Narration by Matt Godfrey is excellent. No trouble discerning who says what to who, some creative voicing. No issues with production.

Blackwater: The Complete Saga is a compilation of several books that were originally published as a series. This rendition is the “complete saga”. Blackwater: The Complete Saga was written by Michael McDowell, narrated by Matt Godfrey, a long audiobook at approximately thirty hours of listening in unabridged format, released in September 2017 by Valancourt Books.


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