Plot. Under Currents tells us of a couple of youngsters subjected to the unspeakable abuse and brutality of their parents, their ultimate rescue, and subsequent lives. In my opinion, the story is basically three stories. First, the horrible abuse. Second, the abused boy-meets-girl hot romance. Third, another psychopath, the girl’s ex-husband, lets loose on the couple.

Liked. The beginning, and the ending. Thrilling.

Not so not. The middle – predictable. Page upon page of happy-happy-happy.

Okay narration by January LaVoy, 14 hrs and 36 mins in unabridged audiobook format, released 07-09-19 by Macmillan Audio.

Read about thirty Roberts books, plus the entire In-Death Series – over sixty books? Yikes.  Anyway, Roberts has done better – much better.


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