The Deep, Deep Snow is a character-driven story. A small-town cop, abandoned as a baby is adopted by the local sheriff. As an adult, she too becomes a cop and is confronted with the murder mystery of a ten-year-old little boy, Jeremiah – it takes her ten years to solve the crime. She’s also dealing with the gradual deterioration of her father from Alzheimer’s disease.

Liked. It’s a murder mystery, loaded with suspense, lots of suspects, guessing and intrigue. Shelby, the lead character, is very likable, easy to root for – no explicit sex, no objectionable language, a squeaky clean read. Heartbreakingly educational regarding Alzheimer’s.

Not so hot. Be prepared for the selfish, angst-ridden Anna. Although you really want to be sympathetic, she’s an obnoxious narcissist. She’s the daughter of Shelby’s best friend, a woman who died of cancer. Anna blames herself for her mother’s death 10 years ago, in addition to the disappearance of Jeremiah. Shelby finally loses it, raises hell with Anna for her irresponsible, thoughtless behavior, and, immediately feels guilty. 🙄 A cold-hearted person might find the teenaged angst from a twenty-year-old pretty ridiculous *ahem*.

Nicely narrated by January LaVoy, no issues with production, just over ten hours of listening. Released by Audible Studios in June of 2019.

Recommended mystery. Enjoy!


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