The Red Cell Seven is a covert group created in the 1970s by US President Richard Nixon in an effort to prevent attacks against this country. The black-ops group reports only to the President. No oversight. No restraints. Free from any prosecution. Unlimited budget. No questions asked. Basically, government-approved vigilante authority, include murdering at will as required, at their discretion – even innocents deemed a threat.

Book 1 starts with the formation of Red Cell Seven. It’s called ‘seven’ to throw the Russians off – President Nixon thinks Russians spend all their time looking for the first six covert operations. That’s pretty much the only reference to Russia – the series is mostly about preventing domestic and Islamic terrorism – in addition to targeting the current administration with multiple assassinations because the current President wants to shut down Red Cell Seven.

Liked. No explicit sex, no objectionable language, clean reads. Okay espionage stories.

Not so hot. The books are very similar, not that there is anything wrong with any of them – none stands out. It’s just a very long espionage story. Depressing in that it’s possible. Read from book one.

You’ll be left torn as to if the behavior portrayed in Red Cell Seven is a good thing – or not. It’s sorta scary to think our government is capable of this stuff – but, it is. Exhibit the current President in 2019, who believes he can “do anything he wants”, and America does nothing to stop him.



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