A character-driven story based in England, UK narrator. Plot: Twelve-year-old Molly escapes with her life from a man who kills her entire family – father, mother, sister. Years pass. Now happily married with a young child, Molly has a new identity: Rachael, a journalist. The company she is working for is scrambling to stay in business and decides to solve a cold case via podcast. The cold case is the murder of Molly’s family and her subsequent disappearance. Everyone assumes Molly is long dead.

Liked. Interesting premise, most everyone loves a murder mystery. So … Missing Molly fits the bill.

Not so hot. Predictable, not very plot twisty. Personally, I had an idea of who the bad buy was as soon as he appeared on the scene.

Narration by Lucy Price-Lewis is fine, production okay – no issues, albeit my criteria are low. If I’m able to enjoy the book without the distraction of narration, it’s good. Missing Molly is, ergo, good. Missing Molly is about eight hours of listening in unabridged format, released in January 2019 by Dreamscape Media.

Not earthshaking literature, not intended to be – but an okay story. Recommended beach read.


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