Good Omens is weird, simply put. However, if you are a fan of the quirky, albeit brilliant, brains of Neil Gaimen and Teri Pratchett you will be in heaven. But, heaven is far from what this book is about.

The story is one of the upcoming apocalypse and, the bizarre friendship between an angel and a demon, the armies of good and evil, and a misplaced antichrist. That is pretty much the plot. Goofy, huh.

Very character-driven, and primarily dialogue, Good Omens is devilishly funny – pun intended. Highly recommended for all you crazy, warped, and morbid people out there. Pretty much all of us?

No issues with either production nor narration.

Narrated by Martin Jarvis, 12.5 hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, released 11-10-09 by Harper Audio.


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