Written about nine years ago, True Blue is a while back in Baldacci’s career, and it shows. You must stretch your imagination way beyond acceptable limits of credibility.

Plot: A female cop does two years in prison for a crime she did not commit. She believes the only way to redeem herself is to solve a crime, any crime. On the day of her release, she tags along with her sister, the chief of police, and sticks her nose in the middle of a murder that ultimately involves the FBI, White House, Russia, etc. — far fetched? Ya think?

Liked. Well, it is Baldacci. There are elements about this work that blossom in his later writing. Narration by Ron McLarty is always enjoyable. Audio production is good, music, sound effects. Typical of all Baldacci books, this is a “clean” read, i.e., no explicit sex, no objectionable language.

Not so hot. Although the beginning of this story will grab your interest, mid-way into the novel, details of the story scatter to include way too many characters and events. The book becomes a re-wind hell to figure out what is happening. That, and the characters aren’t very likable.

True Blue is narrated by Ron McLarty, about 14 hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format and released in October 2009 by Hachette Audio.

Recommendations? Well, there are reviews all over the place, good and bad. If you are a die-hard Baldacci fan, you will find merits … somewhere. If not, skip this one and read Absolute Power or The Camel Club Series.


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