Plot: The Vanishing is a ghost story. A young widow, Julia, escapes a collapsing life and becomes the live-in companion of an eccentric, Amaris Sinclair, long thought to be deceased. Sinclair is a famous writer of horror novels,¬†considered to be a modern-day Edgar Allan Poe. She lives reclusively, with the exception of a passel of servants, in a huge old mansion. Can’t say much more without spoilers.

Liked: Haunting story, spooky, mysterious. Lots of twists, startling reveals. Narration by Xe Sands is outstanding.

Not so hot: The story is laboriously slow. The ending came across in a rushed wrap-up. There are some paranormal seance scenes that are… well… a bit eye-rolling.

The Vanishing is narrated by Xe Sands, just under nine hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, released in April 2014 by Tantor Audio.


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