The Simple Truth is a riveting who-done-it mystery, approximately thirteen hours of listening, released by Hachette Audio in 2011, audiobook narrated by Jonathan Marosz.

Plot. A clerk, Michael Fiske, opens a letter from a lawyer requesting this high court review of a murder conviction. The contents of the letter, that which has spooked Fiske, is not revealed to the reader until the very end of the story. The mystery lies therein. Bodies pile, including that of Michael Fiske. Good guys, bad guys, and twists abound through the pages. John Fiske, a guy with baggage of his own, partners with another court clerk to determine who killed his brother.

Liked. Very educational regarding the inner workings of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), i.e., the process by which cases are reviewed, investigated, dismissed by clerks before the judges themselves are ever involved. Interesting – somewhat disturbing.

Several Audible review comments diss the narrator. My criteria are granted a bit low, but if I enjoy the story, and the voice I’m hearing isn’t distracting, I’m good. So … shoot me. He’s fine.

Not so hot. The story is early in Baldacci’s career, and it shows. There are areas that could be edited, tightened, even eliminated. But … as they say, “Story trumps all.” It’s a good story.

Like all Baldacci books, no explicit sex or objectionable language. Recommended! Enjoy.


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