Sidney Sheldon was one of the most prolific writers of the 30s-90s, including television (I Dream of Jeanie), film (Easter Parade), Broadway (Annie Get Your Gun) and many novels and TV mini-series based on those novels.  Anything you choose to read or watch by Sidney Sheldon will be a delight. He was an amazingly talented man.

The Other Side of Midnight is actually a two-book mystery series dating way back to the early-1970s. Both books are narrated by Steven Pacey. The Other Side of Midnight is just over fourteen hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, Memories of Midnight just over nine, both released by Phoenix Books.

The Other Side of Midnight plot. A drop-dead-handsome WWII flyer, Larry, has a romantic interlude with a soon-to-be-famous-actress, drop-dead-beautiful Noel. He dumps her. Shortly, a somewhat naive and vulnerable lead character, Christine, falls for and marries the flyer. The rest of the story is based on years of Noel’s obsessive revenge.

Memories of Midnight plot. The story opens with Christine living in a convent, her memories gone. Within a few years, memories begin to float to the surface and the story continues to a satisfying conclusion.

Narration by Steven Pacey is fine, male/female voices, accents, etc., no complaints. However, bumped the Audible recording to 1.25.

Liked. Everything about the stories. There are amazing twists, surprises, good guys, bad guys, intricate and vivid details. These are page turning, sweeping stories, there are no instances of fill, suspense riddles every chapter. Contrary to other authors of this period, like Herman Wouk or James Clavell, Sidney Sheldon’s stories have less purple prose and are action-oriented, probably the results of years in the more visual mediums of television, film, Broadway. Squeaky clean reads, no explicit sex nor offensive language.

Not so hot. That there is no more Sidney Sheldon. He died in 2007.

Highly recommended mysteries. Enjoy!


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