Plot. The story opens with Tessa running through the woods in an effort to escape a killer/rapist. She fails and is brutally murdered. The word “Sorry” is written on her forehead.  The lead main character, Morgan Dane, turns down a lucrative new job with the local DA to defend her young neighbor, accused of the crime. We’re off with a murder mystery. There is a subplot of Morgan’s budding romance with a helpful former cop turned private investigator, Lance Kruger.

Liked. Who doesn’t like a good mystery? There is that! Suspects and theories abound. Sleuth away!

Not so hot. Good mysteries actually can be written without roll-your-eyes-wet-panties idiocy. There is that, too. It’s fairly tame, albeit cartoonish. *sigh-fast-forward*

Narration by Cris Dukehart is fine, no issues.

Say You’re Sorry is written by Melinda Leigh, just under 10 hours of listening in the unabridged audiobook format. The book was released in May of 2017 by Brilliance Audio.

If you can stand a bit of gratuitous come-hither nonsense, it’s a good mystery.


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