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Plot. The Jane Hawk Series consists of five books based on a diabolical cabal of crazies whose objective it is to own the minds of mankind. They created an algorithm to identify those among us who are leaders that may become a threat to the objective. To get the best and brightest out of the way, they are injected with controlling nanotechnology that forces them to commit suicide. Jane Hawk is an FBI agent and her husband is an early victim. Jane has an obsessive drive to determine the truth and stop the nightmare. She soon becomes the most-wanted fugitive in the country, on the run with her five-year-old little boy. Thus is the thrust of this series.

To avoid plot confusion, start with Book 1, The Silent Corner, and read the stories in sequence. Book 2 – The Whispering Room, Book 3 – The Crooked Staircase, Book 4 – Forbidden Door, Book 5 – The Night Window. All are in the area of fifteen hours of listening, give or take, and released from 2017 – 2019, narrated by Elisabeth Rodgers.

Liked. There is that “what-if” element to ponder. What if this was possible? Yikes! There are some wonderful characters that Jane meets in her journey to the truth.  Some hair-raising events that you’re certain will be the end of Jane, but she keeps moving.  Page turning in sections. Squeaky clean reads, no sex, no objectionable language – just good mysteries.

Not so hot. Nothing worth mentioning.

Narration by Elisabeth Rodgers is great, male voices included. She “is” the voice of Jane Hawk!

There is one more story that includes the character of Jane Hawk, The Bone Farm. This is a short, two hours of listening. Although it is more reveal of the character of Jane Hawk, it is not relevant to enjoying the series. It’s okay, a nice story written mid-series but the events take place in an earlier timeline, early in Jane’s FBI career.

Recommended. Enjoy!




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  1. Paul Ryan says:

    Dean Koontz has a fleshed out depth to his Jane Hawk series that many of a similar genre lack.

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