As of this writing, the Amos Decker Series by David Baldacci consists of five novels. The Memory Man, The Last Mile, The Fix, The Fallen, and Redemption. This is a review of all five in audiobook format.

You’ll learn in Book 1, The Memory Man, that Amos was a star athlete – played for the Cleveland Browns. A severe football injury results in Amos having extraordinary memory skills – in fact, he remembers everything as if it happened moments ago. He forgets nothing. This bizarre ability thrusts Amos into the role of an investigator for the government; he’s a valued FBI investigator on a special task force. Amos solves the unsolvable.

Each of the five books will stand alone; you don’t need to read them in sequence. But, if you plan on reading all five, start with Memory Man. This story gives the background of Amos and the horrible loss of his family. Subsequent stories will be more interesting for you with a more in-depth understanding of Amos Decker. Beware Book 1, The Memory Man, has some problematic audio issues that might have been corrected by this writing.

No sex, no language issues, clean reads. Don’t hesitate to give as gifts to anyone.

Typical of Baldacci, the stories are intricate mysteries, a few near-death events for Amos and his partner, much sleuthing and guessing. Narration is well done. Orlagh Cassidy reads the female characters throughout all five novels, male characters read by Kyf Brewer except Memory Man. Ron McKlarty reads this book. Personally, I prefer the McKlarty/Cassidy pairing, but either is fine. The transition between male/female voices is very smooth throughout. Baldacci books are almost like watching movies in your head, riveting stories. 😮

All five novels were published during the month of April in 2015, 16, 17, 18, 19 respectively, 11-13 hours of listening, released by Hachette Audio. Recommended.



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